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Our Past - A History of First Baptist Church

The first written record of First Baptist Church dates back to March 27, 1869. Elder G.W. Brooks delivered the first sermon, and ten members were in attendance. Jessie Glazener and Miles Southern were ordained as deacons following the service.

A log structure on or near the grounds of the present Silvermont Park was the first church building.

The second building used for corporate worship was in the vicinity of the present church property. The first floor of this three-story building was used for the schoolhouse and consisted of three rooms. The church used the second floor, and the third floor was used by the Masons.

In 1877, membership of First Baptist Church totaled 75, with the church continuing to experience steady growth.

The first Women's Missionary Society was established April 11, 1881. Ten members comprised this group.

In 1907, a third church building was located on Jordan Street. By 1908, Brevard First Baptist Church had 167 members.

During church conference on March 27, 1927, the membership adopted a resolution to construct a new Sunday School building. This building was completed and ready to use in the latter part of November 1927.

The present sanctuary was built in 1956. In 1958, First Baptist Church established Little Cove Mission. Assistance was given in the mission's operation until 1974 when Little Cove Mission became an independent organization.

The oldest education building was completed in 1968, and Weekday Early Education (W.E.E.) began in the fall of that year.

The Missionary Residence House on Apple Tree Street was given to First Baptist Church in 1976. For 26 years, it has been home for many missionary families on furlough, as well as visiting and local ministers and families.

The latest educational building and fellowship hall were erected in 1988; the fellowship hall was dedicated in memory of W. Scott Merrill on June 26, 1988.

On December 2, 1998, First Baptist Church members voted to purchase the property where B&B Feed and Seed buildings stood at the corner of Gaston and Jordan Streets. The property is now a parking lot.

In 1998, the membership of First Baptist Church voted to incorporate.

At the present time, First Baptist Church has 943 members. Of these, 445 are resident members, while 498 are non-resident members.

First Baptist Church Pastors, 1869-Present

1869 ..... G.W. Brooks
1875 ..... D.B. Nelson
1880 ..... B.M. Beam
1882 ..... R.B. Williams
1884 ..... G.H. Church
1889 ..... P.M. Plemmons
1891 ..... Issac Newton
1898 ..... T.L. Weldon
1900 ..... P.G. Elson
1908 ..... J.R. Owen
1912 ..... R.D. Cross
1914 ..... A.M. McDaniel
1918 ..... C.E. Pruett
1921 ..... C.C. Smith
1923 ..... Wallace Hartsell
1929 ..... Paul Hartsell
1937 ..... Yancy Elliot
1940 ..... B.W. Thompson
1958 ..... Harold Killian
1968 ..... Russell Willis
1978 ..... Duncan Futrelle
1991 ..... Joe Leonard
1998 ..... Joe Hayes
2009 ..... Danny Hedgepeth

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